CourseCard is an innovative learning management system and course marketplace built specifically for educators to sell fully customized courses to students in their own classrooms and across the country.
- Sign up is FREE!
- Import your existing courses
- Set the sales price for your courses
- Increase your annual earnings by 7% - 15%
- Get paid every time a student buys your courses
- Build, publish, and protect your intellectual property
- Save your students 60% or more on the cost of their required materials
- All with NO startup costs and NO monthly fees!

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CourseCard provides educators with the tools and platform to create, edit, and sell their course material to learners nationwide.

How It Works

1.  Register & Build

Our powerful content creation tools will allow you to curate and build a course customized to fit your lesson plan, and engage your students like never before!

2.  Integrate

Select an ebook from our massive VitalSource library, use open source material, or even integrate a textbook that you have authored.

3.  Share

Share and sell the courses you’ve built and the content you’ve created with students and teachers across the country.

4.  Earn

Earn every time a student registers to use your coursework and whenever another partner adopts your course material to use in their own class.