Why CourseCard?

It all starts with you, the educator. From lesson plans to tests and everything in-between, you’ve built a career around engaging and expanding minds. You also know that your experience is valuable.

That’s why we set out to build a revolutionary way for educators to better serve their students, as well as benefit from their hard work. CourseCard is the first educational community platform for building and marketing classes directly to students. And Educators across the country are discovering how CourseCard can give them the power to engage and enlighten while finally receiving what they deserve for the content they create! It’s as simple as BUILD + SHARE + EARN


Build Your Course

Whether you have been teaching for a few years or a few decades, you have content — lots of it! CourseCard is the perfect platform to upload your resources, documents, and quizzes to build your class.
Next, choose a textbook from a library of over 1 million digital titles, a high-quality open-source textbook, or write your own textbook to earn even more!
Add some amazing activity types like H5P interactivity and gamification, and you are well on your way to producing the most sought-after class in the marketplace!

Take Advantage of Our Strategic Partnerships

While writing your own textbook or utilizing open source material is the way to go if you are looking to maximize earning potential, we know that many of our partners want to hit the ground running by adopting a title with which they are already familiar — We have you covered! CourseCard’s partnership with VitalSource, means you will be able to find and adopt the most cost-effective version of the book or books you already use, from all the major publishers, at no cost to you. The price of the book will simply be factored into the courses sale price.


Share Your Knowledge

At the core of the CourseCard revolution is the philosophy that higher education is so much more than just a profession. It’s a community! Collaboration and cooperation fuel learning strategies, enhance research, and improve student outcomes. Our Partners know this better than anybody! Which is why each and every one is so passionate about making their incredible courses and ideas available to the widest audience possible! 

Share Course Card

We’re believers in the idea that a co-op is only as good as the people it’s built on. After all, high-quality, engaging course content can only come from high-quality, engaging teachers! So rest assured that you will be part of a continuously expanding network of educators who are just as enthusiastic and dedicated as you are. A network you can contribute to and benefit from; one that relies on you to help it grow! Know a colleague who is outstanding in their field? Share the idea! Invite them to visit the CourseCard website and you’ve done your part to make the CourseCard community that much bigger and that much better!


We Help You Sell Courses

CourseCard is a partnership. We provide the platform and marketplace, and you provide the content. When your course sells, we split the sale with you 50/50. That’s right, 50% of each of your sold courses! You even get a 25% royalty when any other partner in the network adopts a course that you’ve built! Your Success is important to us!

You Help Us Sell CourseCard

Building the CourseCard network is easy and rewarding! We know our partners are our most valuable resource, so we count on you to expand the number of educators who use our platform. So go ahead! Hype-up that faculty lounge and start spreading some CourseCard love! There are plenty of educators out there who have never heard of CourseCard, and they’re just waiting for you to sign them up!


Educator Help Desk

CourseCard is easy and intuitive to use, but everyone needs a hand once in a while. Our learning technology experts are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have.

Proven LMS Platform

Why did we choose to build CourseCard around Moodle? Moodle LMS is the world’s most popular and most used learning management system. With its flexible, open source learning management solutions and over 68 million users and 55,000 sites deployed worldwide, Moodle is a user-friendly eLearning platform that serves the learning and training needs of people from all types of organizations.