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CourseCard Course Submission Guidelines

I. You must be a registered CourseCard partner to publish a course. Not a partner yet? Register HERE.

II. Course Name must be submitted in the following format: NAME OF INSTITUTION, DEPARTMENT COURSE NUMBER-SECTION NUMBER (e.g. STATE UNIVERSITY, ENGLISH 1001-001)

III. CourseCard lets you get to control the price of your course, but there are a few stipulations all CourseCard partners must follow when pricing their courses:

  • All courses must meet or exceed a base price of $40.00 USD
  • Any course which features VitalSource title integration must have a minimum price which is no less than twice the list price of the selected VitalSource title. Please note that partners who utilize VitalSource or other third party, fee-based digital content services for their course materials, will receive 50% of the net retail price less the cost of the digital content.

(example: a course which uses a $50 VitalSource book would be priced at a minimum of $100; and, if sold at $100, would net the partner $25 for each student who purchases.)